Luxury is my Soul


Mixed technique on canvas (collage, acrylic, paillette and resin).

Unique artwork - signed.

60 x 60 cm


Karpop is a French artist born in 1971 in Paris. After ten years working in publishing and communication, she now devotes herself to creation. She has always selected, sorted, cut, painted images to paste them on other media and give them a second life. Her technique was first forged in the little girl’s imagination she was to continue today as an adult who has kept his childhood’s imagination.

Karpop's world is at the same time looked at through a magnifying glass and at a wide angle, a world reorganized in technicolor, reconditioned in paintings to which the eye can not remain indifferent, as the image and the movement seem associated with it.

Her paintings and collages take us on a journey, not only thousands of miles away from us, as in New York, but also deep within ourselves. This journey brings us back to basics, our childhood, our desires, our values. If Karpop's collages touch many of us, it's because they talk to us and tell us about life, our life. They make us dream of other horizons but also push us to dive to the infinity of what we are.

Karpop does not want the painting to be clean or smooth. She crumples, glues, re-wrinkles and sticks again on a canvas that becomes the creative ground of resin, tissue paper, craft paper, glitter and confetti, all of which can contribute to her balanced cosmogony.The technique used by Karpop is a technique of collage and painting that she has personally developed.

The photo does not always account for the brute force of these works. It homogenizes what is fundamentally material, made of different layers, different thicknesses and gives us a strong desire to touch, to participate.

Data sheet

Pop Art
Medium (max 100 x 100 cm)
Mixed Media
Pop Art