Sean Ward

Bon Bon


18 x 24 x 0,75 in

Oil coated in multiple layers of resin



Throughout the last 20 years in the field of fine arts, Ward had an exquisite fascination with color theory and the effects of using the entire spectrum within a work to create illusions and movement. His inspirations such as Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely have given him the foundation in his studies of their works, and he has built upon that, along with his background in graphic design, to create abstracted portraits, expressionistic designs, and intricate mandalas. Each of his main subject focuses has lone intentions, but comprise the same technique in which Ward’s art is created, that allow his work to be an homage to not only individuals or designs, but rather, color in general. 

Sean’s abstracted portraits, under the title, “Fading Identities,” is an homage to people of our past. From celebrities to scientists. From athletes to patron saints. Every one of these individuals helped create the world to how it is today. You might question the title, “Fading Identities” as the opposite of a homage, due to the verb fading, but in reality, as these paintings exude.. The actual identity of each individual might visually fade over time from our memories, but there are still fragments and pieces of each that we always tend to remember, even if it is just a silhouette of the whole. 

The next subject, “White Space Designs”, is a more expressionistic dedication to our world in design. Each of these pieces utilize created elements of design and take them in their raw form, or together as a united whole, to create paintings that are cut out over a white background and through the usage of color theory and the full spectrum, create designs that are optically kinetic, or quaintly stationary just to exude beauty within a composition. Though, he did receive some knowledge in optical motion through design techniques while studying Bridget Riley, he tends to think that his pieces are very much different and focus more on interactions within close proximities of colors, than the idealized blocks of color that she was known for. 

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Medium (max 100 x 100 cm)